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Bee Hive Live Stream

Bee Hive Cameras Live Stream

A short video showcasing Manchester Cathedral Bees by Adam York Gregory Manchester Cathedral Bees from Adam York Gregory on Vimeo. Bee Hive Cameras We currently have two bee hive cameras upon the flat roof of Manchester Cathedral, click on the play button below to view the bees and their hives. Heavenly Honey produced by our […]

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Sir David Richards, Patron of Volition

Sir David Richards has become a patron of Volition Community following a visit last year to see the work of this charity. Welcoming Sir David, the Dean of Manchester thanked Sir David for his commitment to this programme which runs from Manchester and Liverpool Cathedrals. Sir David, encouraged at the outcomes of this programme of […]

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Beekeeping newsletter 14th May 2020

What a difference a year makes! As I wander through the silence of the Cathedral, making my way to the spiral staircase that will take me to the roof, I am reminded that only a year ago we were celebrating Manchester City’s Premier League title win. The Cathedral was bustling with people and equipment the […]

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The Little House in the Next Village

Zac Fitzgerald’s parable of difference and accountability is shot through with psychodrama and sinister undertones. Reminiscent of Harold Pinter’s stark dramatic works, ‘The Little House in the Next Village’ was written during a Volition workshop with the prompt to write 5 random titles and choose one of those to work into a poem. Accomplished and well-paced, Zac’s poem was a natural choice for July’s Poem of the Month.

The Little House in the Next Village – Zac Fitzgerald

A short walk. A long distance.
The same language but different words.

A shared feeling over here.
Not shared over there.

Secrets kept. Never told.
For fear of shame and other things.

Let’s look from the outside.
But not venture inside.

That might spoil the view.
And when they find out. We will say.

We never knew.
It was out of sight and out of mind.

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