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Bee Hive Live Stream

Bee Hive Cameras Live Stream

A short video showcasing Manchester Cathedral Bees by Adam York Gregory Manchester Cathedral Bees from Adam York Gregory on Vimeo. Bee Hive Cameras We currently have two bee hive cameras upon the flat roof of Manchester Cathedral, click on the play button below to view the bees and their hives. Heavenly Honey produced by our […]

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Sir David Richards, Patron of Volition

Sir David Richards has become a patron of Volition Community following a visit last year to see the work of this charity. Welcoming Sir David, the Dean of Manchester thanked Sir David for his commitment to this programme which runs from Manchester and Liverpool Cathedrals. Sir David, encouraged at the outcomes of this programme of […]

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Beekeeping newsletter 14th May 2020

What a difference a year makes! As I wander through the silence of the Cathedral, making my way to the spiral staircase that will take me to the roof, I am reminded that only a year ago we were celebrating Manchester City’s Premier League title win. The Cathedral was bustling with people and equipment the […]

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View from a Volunteer

Long-term unemployment is no joke whatever the reason is for it, perhaps illness, caring for others or coping with bereavement. Knowing where and how to find work seems difficult. Where do you start? I know from my own experiences how lost and isolated I felt.

I found out about Volition six months before I picked up the phone to find out more about Volition. I spoke to John Emsley, Volition’s course co-ordinator. He explained that “Volition is a 10-week course run by Manchester Cathedral – check this- to help long-term unemployed back into work with a combination of light classes and voluntary work. The time commitment is up to three days a week, one for the course, one for volunteering and another to come in use the computers to improve your search for work. The course aims to help attendees regain self-confidence and self-esteem which will give them a boost to help them kickstart finding work. Additionally there are drop-in art classes and trips to the kitchens of local restaurants to improve cookery skills.”

“The weekly courses are aimed at reintroducing work skills, communication and teamwork. There are also plenty of visits from employers and trips out to offices.”

In particular, I remember John’s enthusiasm and his comment that for some people “Volition will be the first step of many to get back into work”. That really made sense. For some it’s easy to get back into work, but for others they need to re-find their work readiness like myself.

Despite my nerves I felt positive to come along to an open day to find out more. I really enjoyed the talks by John about the course. Other members of the team introduced voluntary work available from bee keeping up on the cathedral roof, to welcoming in the cathedral, to helping direct tourists around Manchester from St Peter’s Square or helping with administration.

After such a welcoming meeting I turned up a week later to start the course. I felt nervous, I didn’t really know what to say to other people on the course. However, I needn’t have worried as from the first moment John and the team were welcoming, making jokes and creating a relaxed atmosphere. That is how Volition works. It’s always upbeat and fun. I came away from my first meeting having laughed more than I had in a long time.

That positive feeling was contagious, and I felt less isolated. I felt lighter and the memory of having laughed so much made me look forward to the next session. The weeks seems to fly by. With visits to employers such as DWF, to talks by Lloyds and Central Library – to a former Volition attendee explaining their experiences.

This doesn’t include the humour, the course work and teamwork from presentation projects and discussions. So much happens in such little time from a presentation by a magician, to a demonstration of CPR from a fireman to climbing up to the roof of the cathedral. Every ten weeks the course is different, no one gets the same experience, but the results are the same. The course works and I left feeling much more confident and positive. Each week I seemed to have laughed more than the week before.

So, if you are looking for work and feeling stuck, why not contact Volition and see if attending will help you become work ready.

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